UNDER CONSTRUCTION: The Official Launch of the Earth Dollar is only at the 4th Quarter of 2015. Wallets will only be available at launch. Thanks for visiting our beta demo site.

The Earth Dollar changes the dream of humanity: A new asset backed currency based on nature that is designed to safeguard us from extreme weather & climate change by upgrading our economic system to become sustainable, to preserve life on Earth and to protect our H.O.M.E. (Heal Our Mother Earth); $18.88 trillion in natural capital assets and carbon credits backing pledged; using new ultra-secure Proof-of-Sustainability Algorithm to allow real-time transactions;

Author Naomi Klein talking about the need to change our economic system in her new book “This Changes Everything” (note: Earth Dollar is not yet endorsed by Naomi Klein)

Join the revolution to redefine money and success by ushering in a new  Living Economic System, based on the health of our planet and the wellness of all its inhabitants.


What is the Earth Dollar?

Earth Dollar is a asset backed currency based on nature that fights climate change

The Earth Dollar

The Earth Dollar is the world’s first currency designed to fight climate change. The value of the Earth Dollar is directly tied to the health of Mother Earth and to the wellness of its inhabitants. $18,880,000,000,000 in natural capital assets and carbon credits have been pledge to back the Earth Dollar.

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Our Assets

$18,880,000,000,000 USD in natural capital assets has been pledge to support the Earth Dollar

Assets Pledged

In order to fight climate change, $18,880,000,000,000 USD in natural capital assets has been pledge to support the Earth Dollar from our World Heritage Sanctuaries. This includes carbon credits, trees, fresh water , ecological services, hydro power and other assets in the sanctuary.


New proof that allows more secure and faster real-time transactions at 10% the energy and power


The new Proof-of-Sustainability is more efficient then Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake. Proof-of-Sustainability allows for more secure confirmations and faster transaction speeds that will allow real-time business transactions.

Carbon Credits

Earth Dollar has carbon credits attached that can be traded on our carbon exchange

Carbon Credits

The Earth Dollar has carbon credits as well as natural capital attached to the coin. The carbon credits will eventually be able to be traded on our carbon exchange in 2015 in a process call charging and discharging of the carbon credit certificates attached to the Earth Dollar

ED Fights Climate Change

We are now accepting donations towards The OneFund



Climate Change

The Earth Dollar by its nature is design to safeguard against extreme weather & climate change because the value of the Earth Dollar is directly tied to the health of Mother Earth and to the wellness of its inhabitants. Extreme weather due to man made climate change is considered one of the biggest crisis facing humanity. The World Health Organization estimates that extreme weather causes an additional 150,000 deaths annually, due to famine, flooding, drought, and other extreme weather conditions. Extreme weather is caused by human activities, such as runaway greenhouse gases, the use of fossil fuels, the clear cutting of forests, the destruction of carbon absorbing creatures in the oceans, and numerous other harmful human activities. See more >



  • Symbol: ED (ED)
  • Algorithm: Ethereum smart contract platform
  • Proof: Proof-of-Sustainability
  • Total coins: $60 billion ED
  • Assets: $18,880,000,000,000 USD Backing in Natural Capital Assets and Carbon Credits Pledged; additional assets may be pledge in the future
  • Block Target: 120 seconds

  • Block reward: 200 ED
  • Transaction Confirmations Needed: 6
  • Can be used on debit cards and credit cards
  • Difficulty Re-Targets every 4 blocks based on last 90 blocks (Quick Difficulty Readjustment)
  • Pre-allocation: X% to secure the Natural Capital Assets and Carbon Credits



The Earth Dollar is backed by Carbon Credits, as well as Natural Capital. Carbon Credits are a internationally recognized commodity that is traded on carbon exchanges like the Carbon Trade Exchange (CTX). Afforestation and reforestation activities are a key means by which Carbon Credits are created. A Carbon Credit (often called a carbon offset) is a financial instrument that represents a tonne of CO2 (carbon dioxide) or CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent gases) removed or reduced from the atmosphere from an emission reduction project, which can be used, by governments, industry or private individuals to offset damaging carbon emissions that they are generating. Carbon Credit are bought and sold through a number of international brokers, online retailers and trading platforms. See more >


ED Creates a Sustainable Economy

The Earth Dollar is a currency based on nature that is created to fight climate change. The Earth Dollar ushers in a new Living Economic System that redefines money and success. No longer will unsustainable GDP be the only measurement of success in the world economy, but success will include how much CO2 we have in the atmosphere, how much clean water we have, how much forest we have, how healthy people are, how much peace we have, how happy people are…etc.

World Heritage Sanctuaries

The Earth Dollar works with organizations and governments to create World Heritage Sanctuaries (wildlife sanctuaries) to protect the animals, the forests and the oceans for future generations. Each Earth Dollar contains a sponsorship certificate in which the user protects the areas within the sanctuaries. Our goal is to keep the oil, and the minerals in the ground, protect all the inhabitants of the land, which creating sustainable jobs and allowing economies to flourish.

Anishnabe World Heritage Sanctuary
Hectares of forests and ancestral land protected
$18.88 trillion USD in natural capital assets pledged
Tons of  CO2 sequestered
Trees protected from clear cut

Heal Mother Earth: By Creating a More Jobs & a Sustainable Economy in Tuned With Nature

By fixing our broken economic system, we are fixing the heart of the problem and laying the foundation for a better future.


Limited Collector’s Edition: Gold and Silver Genesis Coins

These limited edititon silver and gold collector coins are one of a kind items. They are call genesis coins because what you are collecting is the first ever minting of the Earth Dollar. Don’t miss an opportunity to collect these valuable coins!


Limited Edition Gold and Silver Coins

Create  a more beautiful world!




Living Economic System

Earth Dollar upgrades our economic system to become sustainable to fight climate change

Living Economic System

The Living Economic System upgrades our current economic model to become sustainable by making the preservation of life the center of the global economy, as well as redefining progress and success. Our economic model goes beyond GDP by also valuing the health of Mother Earth, and all it’s planet’s inhabitants.

Reward Programs

We work with retailers, associations and people to create green reward programs, access to VIP events, and special privileges to increase sustainability

Reward Programs

The Earth Dollar reward program is to encourage people and organizations to support sustainable programs and products that fight climate change, as well as to ensure the vitality of our biosphere

500 Million People User Base

We are targeting the 100 million green and socially conscious people, as well as the 370 million indigenous people

500 Million People User Base

The Earth Dollar is currently supported by various groups, including for example the Indigenous Peoples United Nations, Earth Day Canada, LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability), the Confederacy of Aboriginal Peoples of Canada…etc.

Earth Guardian Program

Everyone who uses the Earth Dollar is called an Earth Guardian. The program also creates jobs to protect our wildlife sanctuaries and the planet.

Earth Guardian Program

The Earth Guardian program empowers people to become more sustainable and to help fight climate change by rewarding people for choosing a greener lifestyle. By using the Earth Dollar, you are already an Earth Guardian and helping to fight climate change.

Our Wildlife Sanctuaries

The Earth Dollar supports the protection of our World Heritage Sanctuaries from deforestation, pollution and irreversible damage

Our Wildlife Sanctuaries

The Earth Dollar supports the protection important areas that allows us to sustain life on our planet, such as the forests, the oceans, wildlife, the arctic, and other sacred sites.


We produce collectibles, such as numismatic series and collectible coins, as well as paper notes.


We produce high quality collectibles for the Earth Dollar. This includes limited editions of numismatic coins, and paper bank notes.

The Earth Index

We are working on a way to redefine success that can replace GDP (Gross Domestic Product) with the Earth Index

The Earth Index

Instead of measuring progress by only GDP (Gross Domestic Product), we are working on a scientific way to create an Earth Index which will measure the health of our planet and its inhabitants. We hope the Earth Index integrated into the Earth Dollar can become a driving force to redefine wealth.


Become part of our alliance to fight
climate change


A unified effort is needed to fight climate change. The Earth Dollar offers a major solution towards resolving climate change. Become part of the solution by contributing to the effort for real change.